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Toiture PROJEX : flat roof specialists
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Commercial, industrial, and institutional roofing specialists

Commercial roofing projects must be handled with the utmost precision and care. Project leaders, managers, and foremen need to make sure that their projects are in the hands of a company that thoroughly understands the regulations and performs the work according to industry standards and practices.


Toiture PROJEX has quickly made a mark in its field through solid expertise and an unparalleled workforce. As putting safety first is a top priority for us, our prevention programs are specifically tailored to meet the particular safety requirements of your project. We provide all the necessary documentation and certificates that attest to our compliance with the standards set by the relevant authorities, such as the CSST and the CCQ.

We have a team of fully qualified site inspectors who will monitor and record the progress of the roof project, making sure the requirements and specifications are being followed and that the project is completed to the specified standards.

Requirements and Compliance

Depending on the specific nature of the project, wind uplift resistance and fire propagation testing is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) and the National Building Code. To do so, and to build a roofing system that meets the requirements, several aspects are taken into consideration, including variation in components, materials, the environment, the surface, and the geo-location of the building. Some projects must adhere to specific standards, such as the CSA A123.21 (dynamic testing) standard and/or the FM Global (static testing) standard; Toiture PROJEX is able to meet all these requirements.

SSOPREMA was the first manufacturer to offer CSA A123.21 approved mechanically-fastened roofing systems and is currently the only manufacturer to offer fully adhered roof assemblies that comply with the standard. http://www.exp.com/en/rooftesting.html

WWe provide datasheets and guarantees for the materials used.

CSA : CSA A123.21

In 1994, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) formed and industry-based consortium known as the Special Interest Group for Dynamic Evaluation of Roofing Systems (SIGDERS). Its objective was to develop a device that could simulate the dynamic forces created by strong winds and gusts and their effects on mechanically-fastened roofing systems. In addition to taking into account the variations in the components and materials of roofing systems, SIGDERS was given the mandate to develop a protocol that complies with the local building codes while taking into account known wind uplift factors.

At that time, static simulation was the only available method to compare roofing assemblies with wind uplift resistance. With dynamic simulation, it is now possible to reproduce actual conditions caused by wind on roofing systems.

Wind calculation

Our specialtyElastomeric bitumen membrane roofing

Toiture PROJEX : elastomeric bitumen membrane roofing

Designed to cut down on maintenance
and maximize waterproofing quality

AAn elastomeric bitumen membrane roof consists of a basecoat and a topcoat (dual layer system). The topcoat is embedded with coloured granules (offered in several colours) that protect the bitumen from solar rays. The two layers are then fused with a sealing torch to form a single and totally waterproof membrane.

Today, over 50% of new flat roofs installed in Canada are covered with these membranes. Their average lifespan is 21 years. However, when the installation is carried out by experts, like those on our team, the roof can last 30 years with very little maintenance, making the product very cost-effective. The membrane roof can also be repaired or resurfaced , thereby significantly extending its lifespan - guaranteed!

Our guaranteesWe know roofing!

Toiture PROJEX : Standard Warranty
Standard Warranty: TOITURE PROJEX INC. offers a basic ten (10)-year warranty on labour and up to twenty (20) years on materials supplied by Soprema.
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Toiture PROJEX : Platinum Warranty
Because we are certified by Soprema (PAQ+S), we are able to offer you a range of additional warranties at competitive prices.
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Toiture PROJEX : Protection for future generation
Protection for future generation
Soprema offers a number of roofing solutions that eliminate the need to remove the old roofing system, an option that not only helps reduce environmental impact, but also saves you money - guaranteed!
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Toiture PROJEX : Large-scale projects
View our portfolio to see the effort and care taken by our teams on all of our projects.

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